• Mouse right opens a quick access menu to recently used items and global search
  • Hold or Ctrl or Shift when placing buildings to "duplicate" it.
  • E to easily select eraser brush, press again to restore last brush
  • S to easily select selector brush, press again to restore last brush
  • Esc discards picked up building
  • You can use arrow keys or middle mouse button to scroll the map if it doesn't fit to your screen
  • Each time you save your plan, you get a unique URL you can freely share or save for later use
  • To delete buildings, either drop it to non-buildable area, click on it with eraser or press Esc
  • You can open object counter window from the options menu to know how many crops you need to buy :)
  • In case you wish to use the old version of the planner, it can still be found at
  • Check how to find you saveGame file for save upload


  • 1. What is this?

    This is the third version of Stardew Valley interactive farm planner which allows you to pre-plan the farm you'd like to build in the game without wasting any of your resources, or while being at work...

  • 2. How do I leave feedback / report bugs / ask for new features?

    There should be a feedback widget available on the right side of the screen that you can use. I'm also accepting feedback in GitHub or directly via e-mail

  • 3. Saving doesn't appear to do anything?

    When you press save, your farm layout is saved and page will be reloaded to a new URL which will always point to that exact layout. You can then use the url to link to your farm (or bookmark it). Pressing save again, will generate another unique URL and so on.

  • 4. Planner is super laggy / with unusable performance on my #pcmasterrace rig, are you mining bitcoin?

    Sadly no... Some users have reported issues with performance and I'm still looking into solving this. You can help by saving Chrome profiling and sending it to me via email

  • 5. My old plan seems to be broken

    I tried my best to keep backwards compatibility with the v2, but sadly I can't guarantee it. I'd advise starting from zero.

  • 6. There are ads on the page which are getting in the way of planning!

    I'm sorry, ad provider has been instructed very clearly that nothing should block the planner. All floating ads should be closable, if not report them (there should be a way to do so on the ad)


Facebook group
Discord: Stardew Valley discord @hpeinar
GitHub: @GitHub
E-mail: Write to me
X / Twitter: @hpeinar & #stardewplanner

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  • 25th April 2024

    - Found the performance issue, it's caused by hardware acceleration not being turned on. Please do so in your browser settings. I've also added a automatic alert guiding users to do so if the planner detects low FPS

    - Fixed mass eraser tool not removing trees and buildings properly

  • 22th April 2024

    - Fixed eraser not working properly with new flooring logic

  • 21th April 2024

    - Made it possible to place craftables & fences on-top of paths and floor

  • 20th April 2024

    - Ginger island layout

    - Farmhouse + two upgrades + cellar (still missing renovations)

  • 14th April 2024

    - Crops are now rendered in their ready state to be visibly more clear what is what

    - Added mushroom tree

    - Added some parameters to the planner which should increase performance

    - Added low performance option to the planner to try to find ways to make it less laggy for people

    - Added option to hide the Feedback button as it gets in the way on some plans

  • 9th April 2024

    V3 planner released to be the main planner

  • 6th April 2024

    - Slowly getting ready for releasing the planner for general public (hence the welcoming message)

    - Gates! I know they don't render right, but they are there. Some point in the future they'll be placable over fences as well, right now you have to manually remove the fence first

    - Added save game importing to v3. Not entirely tested, if there are issues, please send me your save game file and the planner URL (you can find my email from the contacts section)

  • 2nd April 2024

    - Paths are now using accessibility restriction check, even though this allows placing them on water?, it's still more correct than before

    - Added pet bowls

    - Fixed junimo hut size

    - Added some of the other missing v1.6 crops and craftables like big chests

    - Added blue grass (proper grass rendering is in progress)

  • 29th March 2024

    - Added right click context menu with recently used items and global item search for faster access

    - Did some performance fixes, hopefully solving the planner lagging for some people. If you still encounter problems please email me directly to help me debug this issue

    - Greenhouse and Farm house should no longer re-appear

    - Farm house is now movable

    - Ranching farm layout now has restriction layers and seasons

    - Added option menu items to visually show tillable and buildable space for easier planning

    - Paths now follow building restrictions

  • 19th March 2024

    - Added new ranching farm layout. Credits to @TheLimeyDragon from Stardew Valley discord for providing the image

  • 1st March 2024

    - Crop menus that have less items are now smaller

    - Added mahogany tree and tea bush

  • 28th Feb 2024

    - Added "Allow placing anywhere" option which will disable restriction checking

    - Options and Seasons menu can now be opened with a click as well, aiming to make them usable on mobile

    - Fixed junimo hut highlight

  • 27th Feb 2024

    - regular trees can now be correctly placed next to other items again

    - Shed and other small layouts are now fully usable

    - Hoedirt is now correctly removed from under crops when using undo

    - Added freemode brush from v2

    - Opening menus no longer reset the brush

    - Fixed ghost sprite being behind other objects while not placed yet

    - Trees are now using accessible restriction layer check (not entirely sure this is the correct layer)

  • 24th Feb 2024

    - Undo now correctly removes highlights

    - Added border to highlights to make it more visually clear

    - highlight options are now correctly saved and loaded within saves

  • 23th Feb 2024

    - House, greenhouse and shipping bin locations are now correctly buildable on all official maps

    - As house location is now available, you can erase default house and put down upgraded versions

    - Maple, Pine & Oak trees can now correctly be placed next to each other

  • 17th Feb 2024

    - Start of changelog. v3 has been in development for around 3 years at this point.